Wellness Practitioners

At Calm Massage Therapy & Wellness Studio Ltd. we seek out qualified care providers to perform our wellness services. Currently that includes;

  • Wellness Massage


Though these practitioners are not Registered Health Providers, they have met the necessary requirements to work as wellness care providers. These include;

  • completion of (or ongoing studies in) a health/wellness/alternative medicine education program
  • training in safe & ethical conduct, as well as professionalism when working as a care provider
  • adherance to same provincial safety standards, insurance requirements, & privacy laws as a registered health care provider


We strive to maintain an exceptional level of professionalism by providing safe, ethical & effective care, along with a friendly smile and a Calming service. If you feel that we could improve in any of these areas, please speak to your wellness care provider or contact us.


Learn more about each one of Wellness Practitioners at the following links;