Wellness Massage

At Calm, we offer a type of relaxation massage that we’ve termed ‘Wellness Massage’ as that more accurately describes the goal of the service – it creates a feeling of overall  ‘wellness’, not simply ‘relaxation’. These Wellness Massages will surpass your expectations of what a typical ‘spa massage’ encompasses as our intuitively skilled practitioners have received over 2000 hours of training and provide professional, effective services.

During this non-RMT massage, Swedish massage techniques are utilized to provide a transformative experience that is both relaxing and invigorating – a brilliant solution for every individual.  A Wellness Massage can include full-body or more focused care including areas like the hands, feet, face or scalp.  Light to firm pressure can be used to support the body in times of high stress, injury, or perhaps as a treat before a special occasion.  To further evoke your senses and feel clarity as well as a renewed sense of energy, you may add the use of 100% pure clinical grade Améo essential oils to your experience.


Who can benefit from a Wellness Massage?

Anyone looking to improve their sense of wellness and looking for a feeling of Calm would benefit from this service. For first-time massage enthusiasts or even the most seasoned massage veterans who are seeking quality care, Wellness Massage is a perfect option. Men, women, & children of all ages are welcome.

Some extended medical plans do cover ‘relaxation massage’ or ‘wellness care’ as part of their benefits package. If you are lucky enough to have that coverage, please choose Calm for this service!

Those who have limited extended benefits for Registered Massage Therapy could book supplementary Wellness Massage visits in addition to their regular RMT visits (as a private payment option at a reduced rate). A wellness massage can provide your muscles with the extra attention they desire in between RMT bookings.


Schedule & Pricing

We currently have Wellness Practitioners working Saturdays through Thursdays at Calm; fees for their massage services are listed below.

  • 45 minute visits at $50*
  • 60 minute visits at $70*
  • 75 minutes visits at $ 85*
  • 90 minute visits at $100*

*gst not included

Book in for a “non-RMT wellness massage” today!