Private Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are essentially appointments with our yoga teachers, providing individualized, one on one instruction with our registered yoga teachers. They are structured to suit the needs and wishes of the individual student. Private sessions offer an opportunity to delve deeper into your yoga practice or provide a supportive place to begin your yoga practice. They are perfect for those who are new to yoga and may be too intimidated to come to a full class. They are ideal for students who want to work on specific poses or aspects of their personal yoga practice. Whatever you want to work on – whether its breathing, specific asana (poses) or areas of the body (tight hips or shoulders, etc), relaxation, meditation, invigoration, or even aspects of yogic philosophy – all can be accommodated in a private session.

Semi-Private Yoga Sessions

Like our private yoga sessions, these are private appointments with our registered yoga teachers; however, a semi-private session can include from 2 to 4 people. These sessions are tailored to meet the wishes and needs of the students. Semi-private sessions are a lovely way for couples or for a group of friends to practice together in a more private setting than a conventional yoga class.


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