Maternity Table

The massage table we use is an electric lift pregnancy table that is specially designed to safely and comfortably support a pregnant woman up to full term and after childbirth in the face down position. It has varying levels of removable belly and chest cushions to change throughout the prenatal and postpartum stages. It is more advanced than typical pregnancy massage tables as it is fully adjustable to fit every body type and does not put undo strain on any areas of the body—the electric lift also makes it easier for women to get on and off the table.

Women with sore/engorged breasts and pregnant or postpartum bellies can lie comfortably in a face down position throughout the massage—most women actually never want to leave the table! If any woman is uncomfortable in a face down position, for whatever reason, treatments can be done while sidelying or partially seated/upright. Every woman knows what is best for her body and this massage table allows us to accommodate her (and baby) as best we can.