Maternity Massage Therapy

Maternity Massage is a type of Registered Massage Therapy focused on the care and support of women before, during, and after pregnancy – including care for their babies and birth partners. Calm Massage Therapy & Wellness Studio welcomes women in need of care during the childbearing year as we have practitioners with supplemental training and several years of experience in maternity massage as well as equipment and classes specifically created for childbearing women and new moms. We are here to support you and your developing baby from when you are first trying to conceive your little bundle of joy, to when it has arrived and is ready for it’s first massage!


Massage therapy is a form of care wherein the focus is on the soft tissues and how they relate to the body as a whole. During the childbearing year, massage provides a means for the woman to attend to her physical self and cope with the emotional stress imposed upon her. A dad/ birth partner also takes on more stress and physical pains and can benefit from massage care during this time. The goal of preconception through postpartum massage therapy sessions is to provide symptomatic relief, to provide helpful home care suggestions, to educate the woman (and her partner) about the changes she’s experiencing and will undergo, and to encourage the health and wellness of the expecting mother (and father) as well as the baby.


The childbearing year is often a time when the woman (and her partner) can feel overwhelmed by the numerous physical and emotional adjustments that occur. Maternity massage therapy provides an opportunity for relaxation, relief, and further body understanding and awareness as well as a unique bonding experience for mom, dad/partner and baby – it allows the year to be a time of wellbeing where the woman is entirely devoted to herself and her developing child.


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