A Frozen Winter!!!

This holiday season we decided to decorate Calm ‘à la Disney’ with the oh so popular ‘Frozen’ theme!! It seemed only fitting seeing how our space was already blue & white. We simply had to throw in some purple along with a splash of extra sparkle plus an assortment of friendly characters. Elizabeth even dressed […]

Helpful Information

To book a massage appointment or reserve a space for a class online you must create a log in and password in our online scheduling system through MINDBODY Online (MBO). Click here to do so. If you are an existing client & have already visited us, you will have to link that login to your […]

Dads/ Birth Partners

The childbearing year is not only challenging for mom but for her partner as well – the physical and especially emotional stresses of conceiving, carrying, birthing and having a child are very much shared by the dad/ birthing partner. Massage therapy is therefore encouraged for dads/ birthing partners as they can benefit from treatments as […]