How to get on the Waitlist

When all of our appointment slots are full, clients can add themselves to a Waitlist. This way, if someone cancels, we can use the waitlist to book the requested appointment. Clients can view their waitlist requests in their My Schedule screens.

How clients add themselves to the waitlist

  • Log in to Calm’s Online Scheduler
  • From the Find an Appointment screen, search for a time that is currently unavailable for appointments.
  • Click the “Add to waitlist” button. The client will now see the waitlist request on their My Schedule screen.


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Can clients remove themselves from waitlists?

Yes, clients can remove themselves from waitlists by logging in to Calm’s Online Scheduler. After they log in, they’ll select the My Info tab, and choose My Schedule in the submenu. They’ll see their waitlist requests below their current schedules. To cancel a waitlist request, they can click the “Cancel” link to the far right.


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