COVID-19 Update

In response to COVID-19 we wanted to keep you informed about standard policies and changes at our clinic while we stay open for the time being. As responsible health professionals, we have always followed strict sanitization procedures and have adhered to recommendations from the Ministry of Health and other governing bodies since the beginning of this outbreak. Below are some of the measures we have been taking. Rest assured that our clinic is more sanitized than most high traffic public areas.

All surfaces we touch in the treatment rooms are sanitized after every client visit any other surfaces that our team or clients are touching are sanitized regularly throughout the day. Other changes we’ve made include…

✅ A hand sanitizer for clients has been added to each treatment room, and smaller spray bottles with the same are located on the reception counter and the entrance dresser.
✅ Paper towel and single use washcloths have replaced hand towels in the bathroom.
✅ We’re asking clients to please bring their own re-usable water bottle as we are now offering only single use cups rather than the re-usable tea cups to reduce items needing to be sanitized between bookings.
✅ The colouring books and paper reading material in the waiting area have been removed.
✅ Our air filtration system is operating 24/7.
✅ New essential oils that are known to have anti viral and anti bacterial properties are being used in our air diffuser daily.
✅ We’re asking anyone who is experiencing flu symptoms, or has been in close contact with anyone who is, cancel their appointment and stay home
✅ We are also asking those who have travelled recently wait 14 days from their return before coming to the clinic.

We plan to keep operating in this manner until we hear directives that suggest we do otherwise. In the mean time, we are here for you during this stressful time and hope that the care that we provide will help calm your mind and encourage your body to heal or stay healthy.