Thanks for all the Love!

I’m so incredibly thrilled at how many people have been contacting us for bookings and have been loving our space, practitioners, and treatments and wanted to let you know that we are doing our best to accommodate all of you!

Since January, we’ve had a few RMTs move away and I have been searching for great replacements to fill their hours. Our beautiful city is is undergoing a huge growth and with that brings change, including thousands of new people who need care. I foresee this being the continual norm and am looking into ways to ensure that we have enough care providers to accommodate this growth. As available RMTs are becoming harder and harder to find (and it looks as though we may not secure any more until this fall), I’m looking into bringing in some RMT students who will be able to offer relaxation massage as ‘spa practitioners’ at a reduced rate. I’m hopeful that we will build a strong team that is available to provide the care everyone is looking for.

I truly appreciate all the kind words I’ve been hearing from so many of you about us and hope everyone can bare with us while we are in this time of transition.

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Proud owner & operator of Calm