Notice of Fee Increase

As our city continues to grow and expand, the cost of doing business has increased. Our expenses have risen and so we have reached the point of needing to do a slight increase to the fees we charge for massage therapy services. As of October 1st, 2017, and in accordance with recommended rates set by the Registered Massage Therapist’s Association of BC, our fees will be as follows (plus gst);

20 minutes $40
30 minutes* $60
45 minutes* $80
60 minutes* $100
75 minutes* $120
90 minutes* $140

* Initial (first time) visit rates are still an additional 15 minutes of time and additional $20+gst fee.

Youth (12 – 18 yrs) rates will be $10 off the above. Children (up to 12yrs) will be 25 min for $40 and 40 mins for $55 (also plus gst).

We very much appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon. If because of this fee increase you’d like to alter the time length or frequency of your visits please let us know and we can help you make adjustments.

Calm Massage Therapy & Wellness Studio Ltd.