Continuing Education – MTCBY 1 & 5

On July 4th, 5th, & 6th we have Paula Jaspar, RMT (founder of Humanatomy and experienced health practitioner & post graduate course teacher) at our clinic teaching two of her Massage Therapy in the Childbearing Year courses. Two of our RMTs, Meaghan & Deidra, that already have more than 2 years experience working with pregnant & postpartum women here at Calm, will be taking these two courses to expand on their knowledge and perfect their techniques along with 7 other RMTs from Victoria and Nanaimo. The courses happening this weekend are related to working with women during Pregnancy (course 1) & those who’ve delivered a baby via C-Section (course 5) – Elizabeth, the owner of Calm, was fortunate enough to take these courses several years ago with Paula and highly recommends them for all RMTs working with a maternity massage focus. Two separate groups of lucky pregnant & postpartum women will join us on Friday & Saturday for free massages in order to provide us with bodies to practice on. We look forward to inviting even more women in the following months to visit us for more “practice” massages!(… though we will of course have to charge for those!)