A Frozen Winter!!!

This holiday season we decided to decorate Calm ‘à la Disney’ with the oh so popular ‘Frozen’ theme!! It seemed only fitting seeing how our space was already blue & white. We simply had to throw in some purple along with a splash of extra sparkle plus an assortment of friendly characters.

Elizabeth even dressed up as Queen Elsa on the days she had little kids come in for massages!! (If you’ve met her, you’d know that it didn’t take much convincing to get her to dress as a Disney princess!… She’s considering doing it every time a kid comes for a massage actually, ha!)

We plan to keep our winter décor through January so be sure to pop by to see it in person. Olaf (the snowman) highly recommends our Hot Stone Massages while Sven (the reindeer) would suggest a simple antler rub (or in your case it would be a head massage!). Queen Elsa promises that if you’re stressed, our treatments will help you ‘Let it Go’!!

Happy holidays everyone!!