5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Body

Spring has finally arrived!! And, with this season, comes the all important yearly clean up we all need. These days though it’s not just our homes in need of it but our bodies too… they are just full of toxins because of the way we eat & drink, what we breathe, and how we live! Learn how to give your body the good spring cleaning it so desires by following the simple tips below…
1. Drink Water
Water is vital for proper functioning of all of our organs! Keeping very well hydrated will replenish the moisture that all of our cells crave on a daily basis, allowing them all to do their jobs better to keep our system running smoothly. Try drinking 1-2 glasses first thing when you wake up in the morning, as well as 30 minutes before each meal, and one before going to bed.
2. Eat Cleansing Foods
Food, above all else, is fuel for our bodies! Most of what we eat nowadays is actually harming our bodies rather than helping them.  We of course recommend speaking with your naturopath, MD, or a registered dietitian prior to making any major dietary changes, but in general, everyone could benefit from eating LESS processed, refined foods full of sugar, chemicals & other unknown harmful substances and MORE raw fruits & vegetables, legumes & grains, and other plant based foods. Leafy greens are especially detoxifying so try incorporating green smoothies/juices or even steamed greens into your diet.
3. Breathe!
Oxygen is another essential thing that our bodies need to survive. We breathe subconsciously every day (because we have to!) but how often do you take intentional breaths? Oxygen rich blood is what our cells need to thrive, & push out all those yucky toxins so make a point every day to take 5 minutes and practice your deep, belly (not chest!) breathing.
4. Get a Massage
Massage helps to improve blood and lymph circulation through the whole body allowing all the cells to be flushed of their toxins. Muscle tissue holds a great deal of these toxins so once they are released into the bloodstream, they will be expelled from your whole system more easily. That is why we always recommend drinking extra water on massage days – simply to improve the detoxification process!
5. Have a Bath
Epsom salts baths have long been used for relieving aches & pains from sore muscles – specifically because of the way they interact with our body producing a detoxification effect. Try having a warm bath with 1-2 cups of epsom salts for at least 15 minutes, three times a week – make sure to drink fresh water while in the tub too! This bath is also great to do after a massage, to again intensify the detoxifying effect!