Satomi Yoneda, RMT

SatomiRegistered Massage Therapist

Stress Reduction/Relaxation, Chronic Pain Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Low Back Pain, Headaches, Preventative Care

Satomi is a graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy here in Victoria, and long before she began the program she was often told by close friends and family that she had “healing hands.” Being able to help other people is one of the key things that gives meaning to Satomi’s life, and she is so happy to have a career that allows her to do this every week.

Victoria is Satomi’s hometown, and though she has lived in several other cities over the past decade, she is always drawn back to this amazing island. Before finding her current path, Satomi completed a B.F.A in creative writing at the University of Victoria, and alongside Massage Therapy, she also continues to have a passion for writing and reading poetry. Other hobbies include dancing (whether in a class or at home), going for walks on the beach, and learning to play the ukulele.

Satomi is very aware of how physical and emotional stress can affect a person’s wellbeing, whether the root cause be due to injury, postural dysfunction, trauma, or anxiety. Part of why she is so dedicated to practicing Massage Therapy is because it gives her the ability to reduce a client’s daily stressors by creating a safe, relaxing treatment space and using a therapeutic touch to decrease pain and anxiety, increase body awareness, and promote restful sleep.

Satomi uses a variety of treatment techniques including general Swedish, myofascial release, isolytic release, trigger point therapy, and passive range of motion and stretching. She is very compassionate, and listens attentively to the needs of her clients so that she can plan her treatments to achieve the greatest benefit for each individual.

Satomi’s Continuing Education Interests:

  • Myofascial Release
  • Craniosacral Therapy


Satomi’s Schedule:

  • Wednesday 4:00 – 9:00 pm
  • Thursday 8:00am – 12:45pm
  • Saturday 8:00am – 1:00pm


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For specific questions contact Satomi directly by text message at 778-679-6628.