Our Pricing

Fees for Registered Massage Therapy

Twenty minutes* $40
Thirty minutes* $60
Forty-five minutes $80
Sixty minutes $100
Seventy-five minutes $120
Ninety minutes $140


*20 and 30 minute length bookings are not accepted for first time visitors as we need more time for a thorough initial assessment.

Youth (12 – 18 yrs) rates are $10 off the above. Children (up to 12 yrs) are 25 minutes for $40 and 40 minutes for $55.

Paraffin Therapy – add $10 to above fees
Hot stone therapy – add $20 to above fees

5% GST is not included in the fees listed above so will be added at time of payment. Also please see details below regarding late cancellations/missed appointments.



Fees for Non-RMT Wellness Massage


Forty-five minutes $50
Sixty minutes $70
Seventy-five minutes $85
Ninety minutes $100

5% GST is not included in the fees listed above so will be added at time of payment. Also please see details below regarding late cancellations/missed appointments.


The fee schedules above applies to all persons paying privately. If you have extended medical coverage for ‘massage therapy’, please check your particular policy to see how much you will be reimbursed—plans vary between individuals. Other insurers may pay a portion of your massage therapy fees — please ask us for details. Note that some, not many, plans do cover ‘Wellness Massage’ but be sure to confirm this with your insurance provider prior to a ‘non-RMT Wellness Massage’ visit if you are relying on that coverage. Payment for all treatment whether private or insured is ultimately the responsibility of the patient. We accept cash, debit, visa and mastercard for payment. All prices are in Canadian currency. GST applies to all fees listed above and these fees are subject to change without notice.

Direct Billing

We currently offer direct billing through the insurance companies listed below. (As far as we know they only cover ‘massage therapy’ visits and not ‘non RMT Wellness Massage’). Note that the submission of the billing may not accepted (based on the details of your individual policy) in which case we’d ask for the full payment from you and provide you with a medical receipt to submit to the insurer directly. These are the companies that we work with;

  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Great-West Life
  • Manulife
  • SunLife Financial
  • Chambers of Commerce Group
  • Maximum Benefit
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Manion
  • Johnston Group Inc.
  • Cowan
  • First Canadian
  • Group HEALTH
  • Group Source
  • Johnson Inc


If your primary extended medical coverage insurance provider is listed above then we can attempt to bill our service fees directly to them by submitting the claim to them on your behalf. If the claim is successful then you just pay us the remaining owed (if any – this varies based on your individual plan).

In order for us to submit a claim on your first visit, we require the form below to be completed and sent back to us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. It can be filled in electronically and must be emailed back to us at [email protected] or dropped off at our studio in advance as your RMT will need time to input your information to the billing program and setup an account for you. Note that we only bill to one insurer per patient and it must be your primary insurance provider.

Please note that we cannot direct bill for missed or late cancelled appointments and will require private payment for those fees if incurred.

Direct Billing To Insurance Form – Form will download to your computer (check your Downloads folder); your signature will be required at the time of your visit.

Late Arrivals

In order to provide our patients with safe and efficient treatments, documentation of a complete health history/assessment is mandatory, and is built into the allotted time of your RMT session. In order to maximize your treatment time, we do recommend that you arrive on time to your scheduled appointment, as we may not be able to accommodate extending your session, so as to respect our time commitment to the patients that are booked immediately after you.

Cancellations/ Missed Appointments

We require at least 24 HOURS NOTICE for appointment cancellations so that we can fill the space. Should an appointment be cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, 50% of your scheduled appointment fee will apply. Should an appointment be missed entirely without any notice, the full appointment fee will apply except in case of emergencies or serious illness. Please see our Cancelled/ Missed Appointment Policy for details. Note that these fees can not be billed to extended medical plan and we will require private payment for any of these fees incurred.

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