How to Book Online

To book a massage appointment online you must create a login and password in our online scheduling system through MINDBODY Online (MBO) or you can use our custom booking app from your mobile device. If you are an existing client & have already visited us, you will have to link that login to your existing client account.


When booking massage appointments…

  1. If it is your first time using the online system, MBO, create a login by selecting ‘Sign Up’
  2. In the ‘New to our site?’ box enter your first and last name and click ‘next’.
  3. If you have been to our clinic before, it will open a ‘Find Account’ page – click on ‘This is me!’ if you see your name.
  4. You will then be asked to verify your identity so fill in ONE of the 4 information fields and click ‘next’.
  5. Fill in the login information you’d like and click ‘create login’.
  6. Make sure to set your preferences for automatic appointment reminders.
  7. You’re all set and can now make reservations online.


Tips for booking…

  • The MBO web page will automatically open to the ‘Appointments’ tab. To view/ edit your profile click the ‘My Info’ tab. For help click the ‘Help’ tab or give us a call at 250.382.CALM (2256).
  • You can search for appointment availabilities by either viewing the schedule as a calendar view (click ‘browse appointment schedule’) or by viewing a list of available times according to your specifications (click on the service that you are looking for and follow the steps)
  • You can book appointments up to 2 hours prior to the appointment time. For last minute availabilities and bookings, please call the clinic directly.
  • When possible, please try to either book right before/after another appointment or avoid leaving 15 to 30 minute spaces before/after your appointment. This allows us to maximize the amount of bookings in a day. We may contact you to alter the appointment time in order to accommodate more bookings.
  • At this time Elizabeth & Shawna are not able to accommodate bookings for new clients.  If you have a direct referral for either of them, please call or email the clinic here and we’ll put you on their waiting list. We have 3 additional RMTs – DeidraSatomi, and Kiel who are accepting new clients. Click on their name to view their profiles.


Another easy option is booking straight from your handheld device! Just download our app ‘Be Calm With Us‘ or use the MindBody app and simply search for ‘Calm Massage Therapy’ to book in!


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