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Everyone is in need of a little CALM

In this busy world, we are often overwhelmed with too many commitments and responsibilities and forget to take care of ourselves – this is what leads to stress, illness and disease. We need to combat the chaos with CALMness in order to promote healthiness and happiness in our lives. Whether you want to release muscle tension through therapeutic massage or relieve stress through relaxation massage, we’re here to help you achieve your health goals. Come be CALM with us!

Who we are

We are a small health & wellness studio offering registered massage therapy including maternity massage & massage for infants & kids. We are centrally located just outside of downtown Victoria with free parking and easy access from the street and parking lot. The freshly renovated and redecorated space offers a vintage boutique styled tranquil environment allowing for a soothing place to relax and unwind.

Our mission… Our promise…
To provide a quiet, safe place for relaxation and wellness, in order to attend to and explore your specific physical conditions, where all are welcomed and inspired to reach a state of total CALMness. To offer quality, mindful care in a supporting environment committed to healthy living – whatever your individual wellness goals may be, we will help you reach them.

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