Massage for Your Digestive Health

Many people are afflicted by some form of digestive disorder – whether they are aware of it or not. Our bodies are so good at managing symptoms of a disease process by diminishing the severity our symptoms and making us think that what we are feeling is nothing major and in time will ‘go away’. […]

A Frozen Winter!!!

This holiday season we decided to decorate Calm ‘à la Disney’ with the oh so popular ‘Frozen’ theme!! It seemed only fitting seeing how our space was already blue & white. We simply had to throw in some purple along with a splash of extra sparkle plus an assortment of friendly characters. Elizabeth even dressed […]

Wedding Tips for a Bride from a MOH who Knows!

Since so many of our clients have been hearing for quite some time now about the wedding that Calm’s owner, Elizabeth, has been involved in as the Maid of Honour for her dear sister Kathryn, we figured we would share some advice that she has for any bride-to-be’s out there. This all comes direct from […]

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Body

Spring has finally arrived!! And, with this season, comes the all important yearly clean up we all need. These days though it’s not just our homes in need of it but our bodies too… they are just full of toxins because of the way we eat & drink, what we breathe, and how we live! Learn […]