Automatic Appointment Reminders

Reminder #1 – Two days before your scheduled appointment you will receive an ‘Appointment Reminder/Confirmation’ email (if you have provided us with your email address). In this message you are requested to click a link to confirm that you will be at your appointment – this is important for you to do so that we know you have confirmed your visit & will actually come. 

Reminder #2 – One day prior to your scheduled appointment you will receive a text message (if you provided us with a mobile number) requesting that you reply ‘C’ to confirm that you will be at your appointment.  Again, replying to this text is important so that we know that you have confirmed that you will arrive for your appointment. Note that this text will not be sent if you have already confirmed via email; sooo, if you want to be sure to receive a text message reminder then don’t click on the email link & instead confirm your appointment via text. (If you do not have a texting plan with your service provider, message and data rates may apply. You can unsubscribe to the text message by replying “STOP”.)

Please understand that it is ultimately your responsibility to remember the visits that you have booked with us & be present for them so that no missed (or late cancelled) appointment fees apply. See our Appointment Cancellation/Missed Appointments Policy for details. 

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