Wedding Tips for a Bride from a MOH who Knows!

kat & ty - the beautiful couple

kat & ty – the beautiful couple

Since so many of our clients have been hearing for quite some time now about the wedding that Calm’s owner, Elizabeth, has been involved in as the Maid of Honour for her dear sister Kathryn, we figured we would share some advice that she has for any bride-to-be’s out there. This all comes direct from Elizabeth so feel free to ask her for further details when you come for your next massage. (The wedding took place this past Sunday, June 29th at Bear Mountain Resort in Victoria, BC)


1) You can never have enough help! Though there were 3 bridesmaids & groomsmen, 2 wonderful mothers & fathers, several excited friends/other family, & basically every type of vendor possible, the Bride & Groom took sooo much on themselves! We definitely all put our time in but delegating more tasks would have been a greater load off of the now happily married couple.

2) Organize, organize, organize! I swear that half of the time helping the Bride involved either creating a list of to-do items, re-visiting that list, or finding an appropriate app to track the checked items on that list – but it sure did keep all of us in line so we knew what was already done or had yet to be done.

3) Do things early! No matter how long you are engaged, the actual wedding day sure sneaks up on you. We had 1.5 years from the time they were engaged, yet we were still crafting & getting/buying items up until the day before the wedding. (Don’t forget that the MOH, bridesmaids and other helpers are preoccupied with planning the shower & stagette so have little time to help with actual wedding projects in the last couple months of the countdown.)

4) You will be stressed; get LOTS of massage! The Bride & Groom were both very good at keeping their monthly massage visits through the whole engagement. They were quite stressed, especially in the last few months before the wedding, so their regular calming treatments sure helped them survive!

5) Take lots of photos! Well have others take lots of photos for you. Our Bride & Groom were fortunate enough to have an awesome photographer plus several awesome friends & relatives who snapped tons of pics of the whole day including all the moments that the couple (& bridal party) missed.

6) EAT! Remember that it’s important that you & your bridal party actually eat the day of the wedding! Our Bride was so great at remembering to take care of herself that day but her MOH was not! (MOH unfortunately missed out on the last part of the wedding because of this and is very much regretting it!)

7) Hire a great seamstress! We were lucky that in the end, everything worked out well for our dresses but not without a few mishaps. It started off with bridesmaid dresses that were about 8 sizes too big and ended with a mother-of-the-groom dress that was cut too short & given an uneven hem; but luckily all was fixed in the end thanks to some amazing seamstresses!

8) NO lipstick/gloss or wet nail polish should be allowed anywhere near the Bride’s dress! Finding three bright red blotches of lip gloss (which at the time was mistaken for nail polish or blood) on the Bride’s wedding gown on the morning of the wedding (between the time the dress was let out of its’ bag and inspected to the time it was hung up for a photo in the window) marked the apex of the MOHs level of crazy! All that can be said about this is thank god for nail polish remover & Q-tips!

9) Always have a back up plan for rain! Living on the west coast, one can never be sure of the weather or if it’s going to rain – we did however make it through the outdoor ceremony with only a tiny little sprinkle of water. And though the bridal party had umbrellas just in case (or “sun parasols” as the Bride called them), they were forgotten at the ceremony site while we tromped off into the bushes to do photos. Needless to say, our shoot was disrupted because of a burst of rain that caused all the ladies to flee the woods back to the hotel, which in turn also delayed the start of the thankfully indoor reception.

10) Make sure that all the important people involved arrive on time! The apex of the Bride’s level of crazy was when she was crouched behind a brick wall (balancing in her fancy heels, on a very narrow set of dirty stone steps, with her pouffy white dress being held up by her MOH teetering behind her) waiting to follow the procession line down the aisle (as she was right on time for the start of the ceremony) when… her day-of wedding coordinator approached to tell her that things were delayed as the pastor had not yet arrived and she had to stay put until they found him! Despite all the anxiety & craziness that followed in the next 20 minutes while waiting, the Pastor did showed up, then all proceeded with no other major catastrophes, and in the end two people that love each other very much were joined together as Man & Wife.

kat & ty wedding


  1. Christine M says:

    Great advice Liz! You did an amazing job as a MOH; Kat is very lucky to have you. The wedding was beautiful and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. (Pictures coming soon!)

    I think we could definitely all benefit from some lovely, calming massages in our often chaotic lives. Thanks for the reminder!

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